Wereldwijde enquête van IFG for Integration


Door Hans de Labije | 15.11.2017  10.49


Benieuwd naar de resultaten van de wereldwijde enquête die is gehouden door de International Focus Group for Integration?

Voornaamste resultaten


  • Growing user base and number of installations with more than 1.000 interfaces
  • Java-Only installations are becoming preferred usage type
  • 75% do not consider point to point scenarios
  • Stability and performance rated as very solid, to excellent (continuous increasing trend)  - Monitoring remains a challenge Testing is an increasing opportunity for optimization

Cloud Integration

  • Cloud integration is increasing rapidly
  • PI/PRO and SAP Cloud Platform do lead for Integration
  • HR and Procurement processes in focus

Inernet of Things

  • Already 1/3 do see the need for IOT Integration
  • MQTT most popular protocol by far


Lees hier het uitgebreide rapport.



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