VNSG webinars | juli 2016

De 'zomerstop' staat voor de deur. Maar voor het zover is, kun je nog een aantal interessante webinars volgen.

Overzicht webinars

Roadmap webinars
SAP integrated business planning roadmap | 11 juli 
SAP BusinessObjects design studio roadmap | 14 juli 
SAP R&D (research and development) and engineering roadmap | 19 juli 
SAP Solution Manager roadmap | 22 juli

HANA webinar
SAP S/4HANA services HANA Cloud Integration | 12 juli

CCE webinar
SAP Digital Business services | 15 juli

Security & Access Management webinar
Security with the new release SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 | 15 juli

Samenvattingen webinars

  • SAP integrated business planning roadmap
    Datum: maandag 11 juli
    Tijd: 16.00u - 17.00u 

    In this webinar you will learn more about the strategy and roadmap for SAP Integrated Business Planning, covering the areas of Sales and Operations, Demand, Inventory, Response and Supply Also the SAP Supply Chain Control Tower. These make up the cloud Integrated Business planning solution powered by SAP HANA, and  enable companies to run differentiated demand-driven business planning and response and supply orchestration business processes in the digital market of today.
    Presenter: Patrick Crampton-Thomas, Head of Response and Supply Orchestration, SAP Solution Management & Martin Barkman, Head of Demand Driven Business planning, SAP Solution Management.

  • SAP S/4HANA services HANA Cloud Integration 
    Datum: dinsdag 12 juli
    Tijd: 10.00u - 10.45u 

    SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) is SAP’s strategic cloud based integration solution that supports the integration of SAP cloud applications (such as S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Cloud for Customers, Ariba, Concur, Hybris, FSN, etc.) with on-premise or cloud SAP and non-SAP systems. In this session we will provide an introduction of SAP HCI, use cases, real customer examples and integration scenarios for SAP S/4HANA. 
    Presenter: Udo Paltzer, Development, SAP SE

  • SAP BusinessObjects design studio roadmap
    Datum: donderdag 14 juli
    Tijd: 14.00u - 15.00u 

    With this session you are going to explore the key capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, release 1.6SP2, including new visual components, enhancement of InfoChart, currency conversion, and some designer enhancements. Enjoy also a live demo tour and get the information about the future roadmap.
    Presenter: Jie Deng, Product Management, SAP SE

  • SAP Digital Business services
    Datum: vrijdag 15 juli
    Tijd: 10.00u - 11.00u 

    Digital Transformation is an imperative topic in all businesses and industries. The blurring lines between people, processes and things are increasing the pressure on all companies to re-evaluate how they face these challenges and turn them into effective opportunities.
    SAP has a view on Digital Business, and its services organisation would like to share it with you.
    Please join us in a session to go through SAP’s proposition and how you can best leverage our support within your own Digital Business Journey. This webinar will cover the latest topics of Digital Business.
    Presenter: Jose Luis Carvalho, Digital Business Services, SAP SE

  • Security with the new release SAP Single Sign-On 3.0
    Datum: vrijdag 15 juli
    Tijd: 14.00u - 15.00u 

    Simple steps towards higher security with the new release SAP Single Sign-On 3.0

    SAP Single Sign-On has become a best practice for secure authentication and protection of business data for SAP customers around the world. Ever since the release of version 2.0 we have closely collaborated with customers to continuously extend the product. In this session we would like to present the numerous enhancements and simplifications that are available to customers in version 3.0. This includes new options for secure authentication, single sign-on for mobile devices and a seamless user experience for cross scenarios covering native clients and browser based applications. As the product becomes more and more a security suite for SAP, we now also offer a reduction of operational costs for running a secure SAP landscape.

    Presenter: Christian Cohrs, Area Product Owner SAP Single Sign-On, SAP SE

  • SAP R&D (research and development) and engineering roadmap
    Datum: dinsdag 19 juli
    Tijd: 10.00u - 11.00u

    In this webinar you can learn about challenges in product development and solutions how to make your product development more efficient.SAP will explain their product offering, strategy and roadmap incl. the latest developments in S/4 HANA, Business Suite and cloud. Learn more about CAD Integrations, System Engineering, Recipe Development, Portfolio and Project Management as well as Visual Engineering, Product Lifecycle Costing und Idea Management. Furthermore, SAP will give an outlook on future development topics.
    Presenter: Frank Spiegel, Development, SAP SE

  • SAP Solution Manager roadmap
    Datum: vrijdag 22 juli

    Tijd: 10.00u - 11.00u

    Learn the strategic direction for SAP Solution Manager, with details on new and planned innovations. Learn SAP’s outlook for managing SAP Cloud and SAP Hybrid solutions, as well as new content and tools for SAP S/4HANA. Discover how new focused solutions help you meet future challenges through efficient innovation.

    Presenter: Cay Rademann, Development, SAP SE



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