Sparren met productexperts tijdens het VNSG Congres

Door Mientje Paais | 07.09.2016  15.18


De VNSG organiseert samen met SAP product development vijf Live Influencing sessies.

In een interactieve setting krijgen bezoekers de kans om direct met SAP te brainstormen over de richting van een toekomstige oplossing. Voor maar liefst vijf onderwerpen zijn de product owners op zoek naar suggesties.

Kijk voor meer informatie over de Live Influencing sessies of de uitgebreide omschrijving van onderstaande sessies.

Adapting SAP workflow to satisfy S/4 expectations of simplicity & versatility
Alan Rickayzen, Senior product manager SAP BPM and workflow development, SAP SE

Alan RickayzenS/4HANA offers huge new opportunities, but also expectations. For example new Fiori applications such as My Inbox interacting with existing applications shield the complexity from end-users, and improve efficiency and user-acceptance. This presentation and discussion clarifies the direction that workflow is now taking and gives VNSG members the chance to give feedback. Click here for his bio or follow Alan via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Financial – Soft Close  Business Value and Content
Uwe Mayer, Chief Product Expert in the Accounting area of the LoB Financials, SAP SE

Uwe MayerSoft close is a major prerequisite for instant insight. Within soft close, the concepts of ‘early actuals’ and close prediction are key. Within the audience we want to discuss and determine: 1) The business value of soft close in general, 2) The business value of the two concepts included, 3) A prioritization of business functions where soft close is most important, 4) The needed accuracy of soft close figures and 5) Additional sources for close prediction Click here for his bio or follow Uwe via LinkedIn.

Simplified Implementation Experience for SAP S/4 HANA Cloud
Jens Bombolowsky, User Experience Architect , SAP SE

Jens BombolowskyOur goal at SAP is to make implementation projects for S/4 HANA Cloud easier, more efficient and most of all enable implement partners and customers to run those projects without the need to include SAP consultants. With this interactive influencing session at VNSG we want to better understand the needs of those people involved in implementation projects at a customer site Click here for his bio or follow Jens via LinkedIn.

User Experience Evolution with SAP Fiori 2.0
Thomas Reiss, Vice President, User Experience & Fiori Product Management

Thomas ReissSAP Fiori 2.0 will be the future User Experience that empowers YOU and how you want to conduct your business activities. Along with the participants in this influencing session we elaborate flow charts, interaction diagrams, and UI mockups for particular areas and/or features as needed. We create a prioritization of application areas and apps influencing our future developments. Objectives are validation of the design concept with customers, early feedback and ideas. Click here for his bio or follow Thomas via SCN.

The Internet of Things at the top of the hype cycle
Dr. Uwe Kubach, Vice President Internet of Things Enablement, SAP SE

Uwe KubackThe Internet of Things has definitely reached the top of the hype cycle within the last couple of months. In this session we want to discuss what really is behind this hype. Where does the Internet of Things really add value and what is really new about it compared to telemetry solutions that are on the market for 10+ years?  We will also address lessons learnt from first real projects and overall challenges with the introduction of IoT. Click here for his bio or follow Uwe via Twitter or LinkedIn.




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