Serie webinars Internet of Things

De Amerikaanse SAP-gebruikersvereniging, ASUG, organiseert een serie webinars over ‘the Internet of Things’ in samenwerking met SAP, SAP Partners en DSAG. Ook voor VNSG-leden zijn deze webinars toegankelijk!

The marketing hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) is deafening to a point it is almost becoming counter-productive. Yet, there is no question that IoT is going to change the way we live and work. IoT is also on track to change the way enterprises are conducting business. The ubiquity of connected devices and sensors is not just going to improve the efficiency of our current business models – it is creating new opportunities.

See the list of the webcasts below, and click here for the ASUG NA IoT webcast series landing page. All webcasts take place from 18:00u – 19:00u.

What you’ll learn:

  • IoT is it really new?  You may be using IoT today and not even realize it
  • What really is IoT and why you should pay attention
  • How does IoT relate to big data?      
  • To really understand IoT you also need to understand Operational Technology (OT)
  • The two worlds of IT and OT begin to combine
  • Things to action - integrating IoT “sense“ with ERP and beyond “respond“
  • Use cases - SAP customers using IoT in business processes today
  • Expert IoT advice and guidance - learnings from the trenches and successesIoT opportunities and challenges - drivers to success
  • Making IoT real - what you need to do to develop your IoT strategy and build landscape/architecture, OT, etc.
  • Challenges, opportunities, infrastructure, making the case

By attending this webcast series you will:

  • Get a well-defined map of the Internet-of-Things: Terminology, what it is, who the players are
  • Explore in an interactive fashion the business opportunities but also adoption hurdles within the enterprise
  • Understand the technical challenges that most IT departments will face
  • Learn how to join and connect with the ASUG IoT community and discover IoT sources of information


Featured Speakers:

Simon Berman, Jasper
Thomas Bianculli,  Zebra Technologies Corporation
Nils Herzberg, SAP
Paul Kurchina, ASUG   
Demed Lher, SAP
Michael Lynch, SAP
Anil Parekh, Accenture
David Parker, SAP
Rui Nogueira, SAP
Dave Roberts, OSIsoft
Otto Schell, DSAG (German Speaking Countries SAP Users Group)
Aaron Williams, SAP 



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