SAP HANA Cloud Platform webinar serie

Building new solutions on HCP, with focus on analytical scenarios

Your business is dynamic and your customers are expecting immediate response to their demands and problems. SAP HANA Cloud Platform gives you the ability to quickly and easily adapt by connecting your systems, apps and business processes to your digital core. No matter if these are traditional on premise solutions or cloud enabled solutions.

In this webinar series we will share insights on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, show how companies can leverage the platform to extend existing cloud/on premise solutions, integrate with different applications and build new applications quickly. Listen in to find out how the SAP HANA Cloud Platform will empower the process and analytical capabilities in one platform.

Join this series and discover the value SAP HANA Cloud Platform can deliver to your IT environment.

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SAP HCP webinar serie part 1 | 17 maart
Digital future enabled by SAP HANA Cloud Platform 

SAP HCP webinar serie part 2 | 29 maart
SAP HCP and HEC: how they compare and combine 

SAP HCP webinar serie part 3 | 4 april
Building new analytical solutions 

SAP HCP webinar serie part 4 | 6 april
Building Cloud extensions with HCP 

SAP HCP webinar serie part 5 | 12 april
Building on-premise extensions on HCP 

SAP HCP webinar serie part 6 | 14 april
Using HCP for mobile apps 

SAP HCP webinar serie part 7 | 19 april
A security overview 


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