SAP Fiori Q4/2015 Customer CO-Innovation Forum

The goal of the Customer Co-Innovation Forum is to facilitate a vibrant and interactive community of customers and subject matter experts. Participating in the Customer Co-Innovation Forum will enable you to:

• Engage in a two-way dialog with Fiori App Product Managers and provide feedback regarding product functionality and how it is used in your environments
• Gain product insights into 37 apps from SAP-led demonstrations 
• Understand the leading-edge enhancements coming with the latest Fiori apps 

Our sessions on Thursday December 3rd and Friday December 4th will focus on demonstrating our most impactful and relevant latest Fiori app releases led by the SAP Fiori product management team.
Each session is offered once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Click here for details. Feel free to extend this invite to colleagues, in particular end users in the respective roles, in your organizations.

11 Registration webinar topics available twice a day

01 Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
- SAP Fiori Apps for Accounts Receivable Accountant
- SAP Fiori Apps for Accounts Payable Accountant

02 Materials Management – Purchasing
- SAP Fiori Apps for Employee – Procurement
- SAP Fiori Apps for Purchaser
- SAP Fiori Apps for Strategic Buyer

03 Higher Education
- SAP Fiori Apps for Student
- SAP Fiori Apps for Professor

04 Material Planning (PP)
- Fiori Apps for Material Planner

05 Inventory Management
- SAP Fiori Apps for Inventory Manager

06 Project Management (CMP)
- Fiori Apps for Project Manager (CMP)

07 Retail
- SAP Fiori Apps for Assortment Planner
- SAP Fiori Apps for Retail Store Associate

08 Material Planning (PP)
- Fiori Apps for Material Planner
09 Government Risk and Control – Compliance
- Fiori Apps for Compliance Manager (ACS)

10 Product Compliance for Process Industries
- SAP Fiori Apps for Master Data Specialist – EHS Info
- SAP Fiori Apps for Product Stewardship Specialist

11 Data Aging and Archiving
- Fiori Apps for Administrator – Data Aging and Archiving


Registration link:   SAP Fiori Q4/2015 Customer Co-Innovation Forum
Time:                     Thursday, December 3, 2015 & Friday, December 4, 2015
Content Details:     Q4/2015 – Customer Co-Innovation Forum


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