SAP Expands Next-Generation Support to Improve Customer Experience in the Digital Age


Door Nicole Veltman | 04.05.2017  15.23


SAP issued a press release today about Next-Generation Support. The key messages are:

  • SAP is announcing new tools and services to extend the Next-Generation Support approach, SAP’s answer to customer service in the digital age and part of its continued commitment to simplify the customer support experience.

  • With Next-Generation Support, SAP aims to use innovative technologies to help customers get support anytime, anywhere and from any device. The goal is to help IT users work more effectively with SAP software by simplifying solutions and providing context-sensitive help through a readily accessible knowledge base and expert consultation.

  • The extension of the Next-Generation Support approach moves help for customers directly into the product with built-in support. The Schedule an Expert service augments the Expert Chat service to provide customers with a second live support channel. What’s more, Next-Generation Support has added the Guided Answers service to the self-service and knowledge base SAP provides.

  • These new features of Next-Generation Support are part of support offerings provided on-premise or in the cloud at no additional fee, reflecting SAP’s commitment to simplifying customer support.

Read the full press release here.



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