openSAP Course: Leadership in Digital Transformation

The openSAP thought leaders series will deliver courses on the topic of digital transformation by business and academic leaders, from outside SAP, who are thought leaders in their area. Often businesses face challenges such as complexity and a lack of knowledge in this era of the digital economy. To help our customers to understand why they need to simplify their business processes and move towards a digital platform, we have invited thought leaders to share their insights with the world.

openSAP Course: Thought Leaders - Leadership in Digital Transformation (4 weeks)
Digital transformation is first and foremost not about new technologies. It is about changing the way a company creates value, interacts with its customers and business partners, and competes in established and emerging markets. It is an organizational change process that reaches every corner of the company.
Digital transformation projects are characterized by high social complexity, structural rigidity, and procedural ambiguity. Initiating, executing, and governing the digital transformation of their companies is a major challenge for today’s leaders

In this course, you’ll learn about the characteristics of digital transformation, how it evolved, and how the organizational and technological changes associated with digital transformation change the role, the skills, and the concept of leadership.

Registration on openSAP: openSAP
Course Details: Thought Leaders - Leadership in Digital Transformation
Course starts: Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
Course ends: Wednesday, November 4th, 2015


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