Geef je mening over SAP via SAP Listens

SAP Listens is het wereldwijde klanttevredenheidsprogramma van SAP. Via een korte vragenlijst vraagt SAP jouw mening over wat goed gaat en wat voor verbetering vatbaar is.

Hoewel het niet een programma of enquête van de VNSG is, ondersteunen wij dit initiatief van harte en vragen hierbij je medewerking. Je deelname zorgt ervoor dat jij als klant feedback aan SAP kunt geven waarmee echt iets wordt gedaan.

Vanuit de VNSG bespreken wij de resultaten met SAP (nationaal en internationaal) en kijken samen met SAP waar de nadruk zou moeten liggen van verbeteringen. De verdere uitleg van SAP Listens is in het Engels.


Let your voice be heard
SAP Listens will run from May 10 to June 18. If you receive a personal invite, we encourage you to participate.

What is SAP Listens?

SAP Listens is SAP’s program to listen, engage and act upon customer feedback. With this survey and follow-up program, SAP want to gains insight into what customers feel about SAP. The survey is designed to be easy to use for completion in less than 5 minutes, and can be accessed from mobile devices. And with enhanced follow-up to both with individuals and groups, SAP is are committed to understanding the root-cause of issues, allowing them to more effectively address challenges and make changes.

For more information, please go to:

How does SAP Listens work?

The SAP Listens Customer Relationship survey is executed by third party survey vendor (Medallia) and consists of a small set of questions designed to gauge the quality of customer interactions with SAP. Customers are asked to rate their “likelihood to recommend SAP” on a scale from 1 to 10, followed by questions around specific areas such as Business Value, Ease of doing Business, Software, Relationship and Consulting, Education and Support Services from SAP. Customers also have the opportunity to provide feedback on SAP Partners. In 2016, SAP will conduct three waves of this SAP Listens Customer Relationship survey, however customers are only asked once a year.

How can I get involved in SAP Listens?

SAP will send the SAP Listens Survey to multiple roles within each customer organisation. If you wish to find out more, please get in touch with your SAP contact person / Account Executive or use the contact details provided on the website:

What does it mean to me?

  • A path to provide more actionable inputs and help identify what matters most to you.
  • An opportunity to ensure alignment of SAP’s focus and actions with your priorities.
  • Your opportunity to feedback to SAP on your experience with a simple survey that takes less than 5 minutes.




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