Follow-up study 'Skills for Digital Transformation'


Door Rob van der Marck | 21.03.2017  09.58


In a previous study conducted in 2015 SAP’s installed based confirmed that the majority of their employees don’t have the skills required to meet the needs of the digital transformation. Now SAP has initiated a follow-up study to update the data and deep dive into additional topics related to 'Skills for the Digital Transformation'.

The study will be conducted by the University of Munich (TUM) and the results will help SAP and its customers to better understand the drivers and potential pitfalls of Digital Transformation and will provide highly valuable insights into the skills needed for competing in an increasingly digitalized economy.

This study looks at the skills companies might need to be able to (1) design their digital future in terms of a digital vision and strategy, and (2) implement their digital strategy. The goal of this study is to raise awareness for skill development and to help organizations prioritize skill development activities. Results of the study are aimed to provide useful information for information technology executives and human resource executives.

The survey is designed as a short online questionnaire, which takes approximately 5 minutes to answer. The online survey is available as of now until April 12, 2017. The responses will be handled confidentially and anonymously. SAP will share the results of the study with the SAP user groups in general and on request with the individual participant.

Link to the survey:



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